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May 28

To see what our rmotor home looks like I have to look up to the top of this page as we stilll don't have it.
Yep, it's still at the Freightliner shop now for over three weeks.
If you remember it had
a ABS and Check Engine light on and the speedometer does not registor MPH.
 I have a fault meter ScanGaugeD and BlueFire and both say error 84 - 2 which is
(vehicle speed data error). Also the Allison transmission 2500MH won't up shift.
The Arins Controls readout is on DD and RPM goes  to 3000  when I floor it and stays there, won't go faster than 45 MPH.
Made it to Freightliner and that is where it has been since.

They replaced the trans speed sensor. That I think solved the ABS light but they haven't told me that for sure as when the service desk guy reads the computer work done report it doesn't tell him that, he sez. I have also asked several time what the transmission fault code is showing. They didn't record it or don't know how to get it. I have a printout of all the TDC codes and would know what is going on if I had the TDC code.  It's hard to get any info out of them. Just runaround.
After talking to the Allison parts didtributer if found out the speedd sensor has only one build so they can't screw that up.
We had to run to South Dakota and were gone a week so no rush on it. But now back and getting fed up with the service and emailed the service manager stating how unhappy I was with them.
He called back and said they would do better. They are now going to replace ther transmission control module which controls the shifting. When you replace that it then has to get new firmware. He called today and said they got the wrong part and are off to the distributor to get the right one. Thank god the distrributer is here in Tucson. So now it will not be done until Tuesday after Memorial weekend now. That is if the replacement part actually fixes anything.
I have a hard time believing the seed sensor AND the TDC module went out at the same time. The service manager assured me they would only charge labor fees for the time they are actually fixing or replacing parts.  I shouldn't have to pay for their learning curve. We shall see how this all turns out. Stand by.

We are so ready to get out of AZ and hit the road. We always say the first of June it gets to 100° time to be long gone from here.
This is the temp right now. The outside unit is on our front porch and I have to admit it is in the sun, but still.

The new GMC Canyon is all ready with the tow equiptment so this should be the last thing to hold us up.

We had telemedical online Dr. meetups in December and we had overdo blood lab work done yesterday (as we put that off due to COVID). Got the results online via LapCorp back fast today. My numbeers look good except for Platelets which have always been low. My kidney functions are holding steady and even improving a little. Terry probably needs to ajust some meds and has a new Telemedical meeting in July while we are traveling.
Will need to be located with good internet for that. Since I have unlimited Verizon hot spot on my phone and AT&T in the truck via OnStar and a  Hughes Net Gen5 mobile dish that we can set up if not in cell range, we should be able to do this.
Also have a WeBoost unit on the MH to improve cell sig if needed.

May 1


Above is my new truck which I am still waiting to be delivered. Made the deal on it on March 15th as it was said to be just in transit. Since it had been a week I f reserched on the web and found a contact at the factory (Comm Manager) who sent this to reply to me on March 23.
Thank you for reaching out with your question and VIN.  According to our records, your GMC Canyon Denali is being completed at Wentzville Assembly. It will soon be shipped to your dealer with no outstanding issues.
On April 12 got another email from the factorey and said it was held up in shipping since the plant had been shut down for two weeks. It should of shipped as it ws complete but didn't.
On April 14 the factory said it had shipped. The dealer was amazed that  I was getting more info than they could.
On April  22the sales manager at the dealer called said it had arrived.
BUT there is a small problem, it is missing the fuel door on the fender.
A forty six thousand dollar truck and it comes without a fuel fill door.
Now they have to run that down and find the parts for that and paint it.
Well news on the truck just got a whole lot worse...
The dealer now sez the front end got damaged also.
Bumper dented and grill cracked
Both of which there are no parts available in the country.
Along with the missing fuel door.
So no ETA.
Looking like this is not going to happen.
Now that I have a BlueOx tow baseplase  $550  BlueOx tow bar $950 and wiring harness and cable $150
Brake pedal controller $1200, wireless breakaway cable $125,  tow vehicle battery charger $95
Tonneau truck Bed cover $850
Yep $3920 for parts I have no use for. What a deal.
All sitting here ready for a non existing truck.
Checked GM national inventory. Nothing out there.
Crying in my beer... make that vodka and squirt.
Might just be spending another summer right here again.
Not... Still have my tow dolly and will use it to pull my Buick Encore if all else fails.

After the sales manager at the Tucson dealership told me parts were not available I emailed my contact at the factory again
The factory contacted me right back and the dealer and said that they were sending parts needed ASAP right from the assembly line.
Guess it helps to know people in high places.

So back on to get my truck.

Now in the midst of all this discovered my motor home has a ABS and Check Engine light on and the speedometer does registor MPH. I have a fault meter ScanGaugeD and BlueFire and both say error 84 - 2 which is
(wheel based vehicle speed data error).
There are sensors on each wheel and on the transmission. Had thelocal  RV shop in Mescal AZ right close to me check it out and they cleaned the sensors and swapped out a used transmission one (which you would think would be the one for the speedometer) and didn't fix it. Got helpful info from a couple of experts out in Oregon who were engineers on the original Monaco MH. Source Eng LLC
To get it in to the repair shop here in Tucsonthat  they recommended is weeks out for appointments (mid June) as you can expect these days.
Called Frieghtliner in Tucson and they have a scanner that can read the data bus and should be able to determine which sensor is bad if that is the problem. And they don't take appointments. All on a first come first served basis.(I can see that as truckers don't want to wait around.)
So on Thursday off we headed off to Tucson to Freightliner and when I got on the interstate the transmission would not shift up. Read out Arins Controls stayed on DD and RPM goes  to 3000  when I floor it and stays there, wouldn't go faster than 45 MPH.
Made it to Freightliner and left it.  It didn't over heat so that  was good.

Book sez reading DD means the J1708 data buss  not working or not connected.
If it would read contstant D3 it would mean it was in limp mode, so not  that. Still hoping it is a trans sensor affecting the speedometer and  Allison shifter (Arins Control) as it can't read the speed.

We shall see what Freightliner comes up with. Neverously waitng for that call back.
They requested and took my Wholesale Warranties plan info but dought it will cover this unless it's a internal transmission part. Doesn't cover sensors, etc. I don't care just want my motor home back in running order.

And it just goes on and on....

Well Terry needs to renew his SD drivers lic. Birthday in June.
 And to do that online you need a camping or hotel receipt so went to our mail forwarding company and bought one for $50
and had a vision form to also send in, and more noterized forms. Then went online to renew and found out you can only renew once every ten years.
 So now Terry has to travel to SD to renew.
 Right in the middle of getting the truck and my colonoscopy scheduled on the 25 th of May..
 So made an appointment with SD
State Lic Bereau for May 14 at 11 AM  in Hot Springs SD and a reservation at a motel.

 If the truck gets here we both may go or maybe just him in our old pickup.
Would be nicte to take a field trip and break in the new Canyon Denali.

 Hoping the truck gets here for my appointment to get the BlueOx baseplate installed on May 10th.
Just talked to the RV dealer and they will work with me if my truck isn't here on the 10th.
One small break for mankind.

 Cutting things close to be sure.
Some good news was when I ordered a baseplate form etrailer they told me it was on backorder. So I called BlueOx direct and  they said had just one left in their CA wharehouse. So I ordered it.
Later they said they didn't have it and yep it was also on backorder. Well the same day they said that I got from UPS one on my doorstep shipped from someplace on CO.
I called the and they said now way they shipped it.
I said welll don't ship me another one as I got one and don't want to pay for two.
So they canceled the order and credited my credit card.
I can't help it if they don't know what is going on. So I got a free $550 baseplate. I tried to tell them but they wouldn't listen.
And so it goes.