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June 2021
Yes we at last got the hell out of Arizona on the 8th of June. As usual it starts getting hot around the first of June and this year was no different but it was hot even sooner, so time to scramble. We were delayed due to the MH in the Frieghliner shop for a month. See last post.
I was of course worried about how the MH would run and the only issue we had getting out of our yard was to adjust the RVibrake3 in the truck. It was not set correctly and even when disengaged it showed it still pushing on the brake peddle.
Terry had to move the backstop bracket to fix that. The RVi battery boost didn't work. Only showed the truck battery and not showing anything coming from the MH. Must be wired wrong in the connector. Also couldn't get the wireless breakaway to pair with, so just plugged it in manually. And off we went.
So Terry had to move the stop bracket further back to keep it from pressing so had on the brake peddle.

This was the first time we have had the opportunity to use our TSD (EFS) discount diesel fuel card.
Want one,click on the card to go to their site.


Saved $18.56
Saved $17.61
Saved $19.67
Savevd $8.77
No Savings
But they did take the card

Savings helped pay for the RV partk stays going north.
As you can see the best savings was at Petro stations. And none at FJ/Pilot. Camping World/Good Sam made FJ/Pilot stop giving discounts.

Sonoran Desert RV Park

First stop was Gila Bend AZ. on I-8 at a very nice park. The swimming pool  hit the spot.
The park was mostly empty as used most by winter snowbirds. File photo.
So much for not being able to find camp spots as the media is telling us.
But did discover people are flocking to KOA but the others seem to have openings.

Sun Valley RV

Next stop was Kingman, AZ at a very small out of the way spot, which is just out of town heading toward Los Vegas.
BTW the roads form Wickenburg to Kingman were some of the worst I have ever driven.
This is the future route of I-11 and I guess they are lettingit go to hell and will make it better as in interstate road.

Next up ws Ely, NV
I tried to call the KOA but they only had back in sites. No thanks but the other park in town ws good with a couple of pull throughs.
We had stayed here before a few years back.

Of next to Twin Falls and the County fairgrounds.
$20 a night for FHU and nice grassey sites.
There was a Jr. Livestock Show going on and people from all over were having a great time.
There was a fish fry on Friday night and fireworks show saturday night. It ddn't start till after 10:30 PM
and I thought kind of later for the kids as they would have to get up early to groom theie show animals.
Unless in thsi day and age the parents do it for them.

On Saqturday we just had to go to the Shoshone Falls. Beterr know as Twin Falls.
$5 to get in per car and there were making good money that day as it was busy.

HW 93 heading out of town on the north side.


We made it to our planned designation which we will stay at for 10 days.
Then onward eastward.
Haypur Campground and fish hatchery.
No tours of the hatchery are offered, but what do want for 10 days for FREE dispersed ccmping.
And world famous fly fishing in this valley.

Our campsite as seen through our screend in pop up hut.  A few mosquitos but not bad at all.

Got our DirecTV dish and HughesNet Gen5 internet stuff set up and all is working well.
I kind of forgot how to set up the Gen5 and had to call Barb in Tucson. who we orig. got it from. It has not been in use for a year and she reestablished the service and when I called she laughed and said. "Bet you forgot how to set it up". She told me what setting to change and we got it going.

The otjher thing is in the MH we have a smart TV and I also connect to it a Amazon Fire TV stick.
Both work slick pulling streaming channels off  WiFi.
Also have a grandfathered Verizon unlimited hotspot plus the Gen5 satellite.
And a WeBoost on the roof to boost cell signals. We travel connected.

Fishing did I say fishing.
Terry has gone in the AM for three days now and first day three, second seven and a couple them were some of the biggest he has ever caught. And today he got three more.  All were thrown back as these are quality waters and you have a limited catch.

 People caome from all over to fish these waters. Picabo Angler and others offer fishing guide boat trips.

Sorry no pictures of Terry fishing as he goes early in the AM while I of course sleep in.

Terry got his fishing Lic here and they have a fishing report for the area.
Click on the graphic to go there.
We one day drive to the west a bit to Majic Reservoir and found it to be bone dry. As in empty. No water coming out and not in the irrigation canals. We were so shocked didn't take any pictures.
The next day another side trip up to Sun Vally to inspect how the rich live. Passed the eairport where the private jets are parked.
Noticed DirecTV is offering a free weekend of HBO so we can watch Real Time live tonight.
We can usaully get it on YouTube also.