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April 2021
The above picture was from 2019  when we camp hosted for the BLM in Idaho. Seems like forever ago. In 2020 we isolated and kept to ourselves. But now that we have both had our second COVID vaccine shots it is time to plan travels for this summer.
Last year we had planned to go to Alaska and you can all see how that went. BTW the border to Canada is still closed and even if it does open the rush to cross me thinks, will overwhelm Canada and Alaska. Sure it's a big area but still. The pent up demand is why we ,even if we can, will wait till 2022. Sure I have the Mile Post book which is for 2020 but think it still will be good for later on.
Terry has been waxing the MH and since it has sat for for awhile all systems will need to be checked out. Just replaced the chasis batteries as they didn't last the winter. Guess it helps to check the water levels. $282 bucks latter.

For two summers we pulled our Buick Encore behind the MH on a tow dolly.
I had listed this dolly  for sale but now took it off market.
I might just have to use it this summer as the below new truck (below) is probability still sitting on the factory lot waiting for computer chips that are on back order. Don't know when if ever the truck will be delivered to the dealer. If you have not heard, this is a big deal as many vehicles are not leaving the factories for a shortage of computer chips  to complete the units. Factories are shutting down as they can't complete units without the cmputer chip parts. Google it.

 It takes time to hook and unhook so many times we just left it hooked up. But for the most part when we camp hosting and stayed in the host spot we never used it. So that workd out OK. But now that we are at  the point of we have done that and not doing that again we will be traveling and stopping more will want to unhook more. Camp hosting in this day and age of entitlement it's just not safe to do that anymore.
So we have deceided to go with a tow system that will tow a vechicle 4 wheels down. So much faster to disengage.
But of course the Buick can't be towed that way and since it has 48500 miles in it and out of waranty we decied to trade it in on Ta Da a brand new 2021 GMC Canyon Denali 4WD truck.
This link will give full specs on the Denali https://www.gmc.com/trucks/canyon/denali   MSRP was $46240

These are very had to find (espicelly in the Cayenne Red Tintcoat color and we lucked out and found one we wanted in transit mode to the dealer. So don't know when it will be in. Got a good deal and am happy with how it went. One dealer said their trucks that were in transit mode were built but they are waiting for computer chips, which are back ordered. I have read that, and hope they get that resolved soon.
UPDATE: I sent this to the Communications Manager at the GM Wentzvill Assembly Plant
I purchased a  2021 GMC Canyon Denali from Royal GMC in Tucson, AZ. It is in transit and I am hearing it my have been built, but maybe is missing a chip which is on back order. If this true, when do expect this issue to be resolved?  The VIN is XXXXXX
Got this reply:
Thank you for reaching out with your question and VIN.  According to our records, your GMC Canyon Denali is being completed at Wentzville Assembly. It will soon be shipped to your dealer with no outstanding issues.

UPDATE: Friday 03/26/21

Mr. Bunge:

According to our records, your GMC Canyon Denali will be shipped from Wentzville Assembly this evening.  Once provided to a carrier we are no longer able to track. Thank you for your order.  We hope you enjoy your new vehicle.

When we get it, will then have to get the tow bar panel baseplate installed (which requires the whole front grill and bumper panel to be removed) and rear brake and trun signal wiring installed. We plan on going with a RVibrake 3 Auxillary Breaking System. See the video of it. So much smaller than the other brake systems and even has a remote break away module so you don't hve to run wires through the firewall. https://rvibrake.com/

So where are going. Early thoughts on that.
First want to head back to Idaho and visit our old BLM camp hosting campground (Blackfoot Reservoir north of Soda Springs ID) and hide out in the back forty as we like to call the  boon docking area which is up on a hill over looking the whole place.

<==== Hight on the hill
with great views.
BTW the lower left section
has 50 amp power.
Strange for a BLM campground.

While there will do some planning on are next stops.
This year explore Idaho and do a lot of fishing. Know of some great BLM lands in central Idaho and can stay away from most people.
Most of these campsites are easy to get to and level and unlimited space for big rigs.  www.freecampsites.net
 Link works better if you (right click and ) Open it in new tab
This pic from google.com/maps

This pic from google.com/maps

Then up to Island Park ID area and later into Montana.
Will blog along the way...